Asset ID: 1699699699 copy


Unit name: OTSDGFKD

Total supply: 1,699,699,699.00

OTSDGFKD Allocations

ALGO/OTSDGFKD LP (burned) 849,849,849.50 OTSDGFKD 50%
Presale Apes (you) 424,924,924.75 OTSDGFKD 25%
SFLDF 424,924,924.75 OTSDGFKD 25%

Presale ALGO Allocation

ALGO/OTSDGFKD LP (burned) 53,183.463 ALGO 100% - 69.2 ALGO

Presale ended

Raised: 53,252.67 ALGO

Expenses: 69 ALGO

Net: 53,183.663 ALGO



2024-03-27 AM EST - ASA ID invitation to opt in

2024-03-27 PM EST - LP add, LP burn & airdrop


The memetory purpose of this token is a middle finger. It is fit for purpose to be weaponized against your fellow holders in the memecoin PvP jungle. Hope you have fun doing that.

But there is an actual purpose to this token: the Shitcoin Frivolous Lawsuit Defense Fund (SFLDF).

The SFLDF is a pre-emptive safety net for Outsyde whistle-blowers. 25% of this entire shitcoin's supply will be set aside to support defendants of frivolous lawsuits brought by Aaron Bumgarner, Outsyde inc and affiliates.

The Bumgarner playbook includes silencing critics and evading accountability through various types of harassment of individuals and their families, threats of lawsuits, trying to get people fired, etc.

The game theoretic outcome is that almost everyone will back down and allow him to continue his abusive behavior. Recipients of his threats will think "What if he does sue me? Better leave it alone! Better do what he asks! Better publicly apologize."

This leaves our community vulnerable and individuals afraid to speak up.

The terms to claim funds from the SFLDF will be strict: this is a defense fund, not an attack one.

Bumgarner's actions against community members are a serious matter. There is an obvious need for a community fund to defend those who want to share their unadulterated experiences of being bumgarnered. Until there is such a safety net, we can only presume to know what that verb really means through hearsay and whispers. Let there be light.

Pay attention: As a holder, this means that there is a "rug" programmed into this token. Some of the value you put into this may be utilized for the purpose described above.

The higher you send this, the larger the safety net, the larger the deterrent.